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Polyphasick: For all the gods’ sakes, do what I say, not what I did

Sometimes experiments produce enlightening results that are useful for lots of people and further learning. Other times they just mean that one idiot has gone and done that thing, hopefully saving others from trying it themselves. This is one of … Continue reading

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So how’s the Group Adaptation going?

Hey, world!  The group adaptation project is rolling along now — we're through August and most people have done their prep, and a good chunk of us — including me — have started our adaptations to new schedules (and our … Continue reading

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I’m not a mutant

OK, I probably *am* a mutant in some ways.  I like spelling, for one thing?  And I can do that crazy-strong Internal energy/force thing sometimes; that's pretty rare I guess. But I'm not a mutant because I sleep polyphasically. I got … Continue reading

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The Sgt. Jackrum of Timers

This timer has been through Hell. I can't remember if it was one of the ones I used in the first Uberman adaptation — I know the other of those, the white one, literally fell to pieces a few years … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Prepare for an Adaption (lessons from the Camp Chair)

Camp chair arrived, is comfortable, portable; it lets me put my feet up and rest the leg/hip bits I'm always overworking (especially now, with 4-6 taiji classes a week to either take or teach) — but is totally unusable for … Continue reading

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The Big Fight

I feel like September's adaptation is shaping up to become a biiiiiig fight.  And maybe not one I can win!  Look at these "gotchas" that might interfere with my own adaptation: unexpectedly (I just found out), I'm moving to a … Continue reading

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Everyman Cake / Salaryman + Group Adjustment #1 Details

Hey world! I've been meaning to get more of these details out to everyone, but signing up more than 20 people so far has meant a lot of conversing! :D Behold, information: The start date is about 85% set for the first week of … Continue reading

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