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Sleeping Over

Being polyphasic has made me a pain in the arse of a person to have sleep over. I will try to put my alarm where I can get to it quickly but sorry it's going to go off when you're … Continue reading

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It’s called the “Smart Sleep Polyphasic Planner” App, and here’s what I think of it

[I’m sick of thinking about this, so instead of writing a post on it, I’m just posting my letter in response to the company(?)’s second attempt to get me to endorse their product below, with some added emphasis and a … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks: Love is Help Napping

Ahhhhh, the Midwest — another Thanksgiving (we celebrate it early) in Michigan.  It's freezing cold here, but on the upside, there are no bike-lanes anyway, so I'm staying nice and warm — and stuffed to the gills with Mom's cooking; can't … Continue reading

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Report from a 300-day polyphasic sleeper (and a new possible schedule: Everyman245)

Sam Rosenthal is a musician (with his band Black Tape For A Blue Girl), a record label owner (Projekt Records), an erotic novelist (Rye), & a half-the-week dad. What follows is his account and description of his long-term polyphasic project … Continue reading

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Polyphasick: For all the gods’ sakes, do what I say, not what I did

Sometimes experiments produce enlightening results that are useful for lots of people and further learning. Other times they just mean that one idiot has gone and done that thing, hopefully saving others from trying it themselves. This is one of … Continue reading

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So how’s the Group Adaptation going?

Hey, world!  The group adaptation project is rolling along now — we're through August and most people have done their prep, and a good chunk of us — including me — have started our adaptations to new schedules (and our … Continue reading

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I’m not a mutant

OK, I probably *am* a mutant in some ways.  I like spelling, for one thing?  And I can do that crazy-strong Internal energy/force thing sometimes; that's pretty rare I guess. But I'm not a mutant because I sleep polyphasically. I got … Continue reading

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