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Sometimes these little meltdowns are just what we need…

…Because I did GREAT today, food-wise.  And I feel great because of it.   I also napped on a surprisingly comfy bench in a college study-area, and slept like a briiiiiiiick.  I suppose I'm a special sort of geek for … Continue reading

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Oo, I was good all day, and enjoyed it even, but come eveningtime — when I get the most snacky — the having of cheater-food in the house from yesterday totally caught up with me, and I ate a bunch … Continue reading

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Craziest. Sunday. Ever.

The extra kilo's stabled out; holding at just about 57 exactly.  Of course, it's 9pm on Sunday and I've only JUST gotten around to cheating! Last night was the kind of enjoyable Saturday everyone ought to have once in a … Continue reading

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OK, a little whining here — I was going to avoid it, but why give the impression that this is easy, when it isn't; right? WAUGH AUGH ARGH UGH. …I say.  Twice.  With plenty of theatrics and hand-waving. Firstly, damn … Continue reading

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…and there’s cooking, too.

I found a recipe for "cookies" that are basically made from coconut and stevia, and decided to try them so I could have a no-carb, no-sugar Thing around for those psychologically-uncomfortable moments. I mentioned to my roommate that I was … Continue reading

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[“]I am an adaptation[,][“] period[.][..]

  …Yup, that's my thought for today*:  My life is one…big…long…adjustment period.  And on top of that, I'm totally the kind of person who gets off on phrases that can be understood several ways depending on spelling and punctuation tweaks. … Continue reading

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Thirty Percent: Slow Carbs and Nudie Pics

"You can't," is the general consensus I hear when I talk about dieting.   Reason one:  I harbor a long icky history of self-esteem problems, a lot of them stemming from or tied to my self-perception as "fat" when I … Continue reading

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