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Three fun vocab terms from the edge of reality

I've learned three really cool new phrases lately, in my studies of the nature of void! (shut up, we've all got hobbies) 1.  Spacetime foam:  The term for what space and time look like on a quantum (teeeeeeeeny) level, such … Continue reading

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A sweet little fiction

So one time this culture discovered that a readily-available plant had a really tasty component, and they began harvesting, and then cultivating and later, processing and refining and making all kinds of analogs and variations on the tasty stuff. Everyone … Continue reading

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Nonmelodic laser bats

This has been out a little while, but I just got around to watching it, and HOLY CRAP MY FAVORITE MUSIC THING EVER. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video   So, A) I'm in … Continue reading

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Things best pondered at 4am: Why do we sleep?

This is what I get for surfing at four a.m. apparently:  A really nice, long, juicy article about why we sleep!  It tackles some new research and proposes a sort-of-new conclusion, too.  Good read!  It's always nice to be reminded why … Continue reading

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Feynman and the eighth-of-an-inch black hole

In my stumblings today, I wound up watching this Nova episode on Richard Feynman:   Now, this is partly notable because I'd been pretty sure there wasn't much on Feynman that I hadn't seen or read already. I'm a huge…well, … Continue reading

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NGrammatical Fun

Oooo, if you haven't messed with Google Ngram, you shooooould!  Instant pretty graphs of the occurrence of any words and phrases in tons of books over time?  YES PLEASE! Here, for example, you can see that the phrase "in the … Continue reading

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::clapclapclapclapclap:: Stars from Space  [HD video, really worth your time to let load, hit fullscreen, sit back and get ready to grin like a maniac]

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