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What’s So Hard About A T-Shirt?

Okay, time to crowdsource a bit. I’d feel bad about this, but man, ya’ll don’t know how many emails asking polyphasic questions I fielded this weekend.  Seriously.  (Also, apologies to those of you who had to wait a few days … Continue reading

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Dragons Without Borders: Proceeds to Benefit “Silence is the Enemy”

Well, well, well!   Look at this!  Writing has been polished, scary new things have been done with microphones (oh shush, you), and mad panic and Wild Disclaiming has been engaged in in public…and now it’s time. I’m telling you, if … Continue reading

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Mid-week Shaolin Workout Update

A couple things that have occurred to me as I’ve been working through Section Two of the Shaolin Workout: (There are actually four sections, by the way, not five as I thought before.) The stretches definitely do get easier, and … Continue reading

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Know Thyself: How Homo Are You?

Perhaps Know Thyself (KT) polls will become a regular feature…it’s so important to really put time and effort into understanding your own darker corners, and there are so many questions that are so easy to avoid…like this one: I think … Continue reading

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Goofy Things to Choose From

So, I’ve been thinking– [NO oh god no not that pleeeeeze NO RUN RUN RUN IT’S THINKING OHMYGOD HELP US NOOOO!] –ahem, that Polyphasism and Random Blather isn’t nearly enough to offer as illustrious a group as yourselves.  And I … Continue reading

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So now I’m OFFICIALLY a twit, right?

Fine, world, fine, fine, fine.  You loaded the hummingbird feeder with geek nectar, and either I resisted this long or I’ve grown so fat that it was hard to fly up that high…but however you look at it, I got … Continue reading

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No Lesser Evil: Health Insurance

Health insurance is something I don’t explode about very much here, but in case you haven’t guessed yet, I have a lot more Internal ‘Splody than I have time to type.  ;)  In real life, both of my parents have … Continue reading

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Lesser evil: Fanfic or porn?

This has been on my mind lately:  Which has less artistic merit, fanfiction or porn? Let’s have your answer first, and then click "read the rest" if you want to read my thoughts. Which type of creative work has LESS … Continue reading

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Good Reasons to Scream At Me

Okay, you people.  You’ve screamed, and I’ve answered…sorta.  I’m kinda stubborn sometimes.  (Pisces.  Harder to herd than a couple of wet fish, or so I hear.) Anyway, some of you screamed about wanting the option to get email updates when … Continue reading

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