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Your author is a lifelong nerd and decades-long computer mechanic. Expect swearing.

And now a break for beautiful

These layer-lapse videos are pretty impressive!  I'm so glad that Boston got one early, because… …HOLY CRAP I live in a beautiful place!  ::so proud:: Now, go find something beautiful in your own town to admire — and leave me … Continue reading

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Required Online Etiquette for Businesses 101

We make a lot of fuss about when a commenter or blogger is violating some spoken or unspoken rule of conduct, but MAN do we let companies off the hook for some obvious things that are just terribly rude and inconsiderate! … Continue reading

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What you need, when you need it

When I started training Iron Palm, my sifu gave me a stout canvas bag, sewn permanently shut, stamped with Chinese characters in faded blue on one corner.  It was full of…mung beans. Yup.  Mung beans. Now, beans are a good … Continue reading

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A call to keyboards

Bruce Schneier in the Guardian:  "The NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. We engineers built the internet – and now we have to fix it. Government and industry have betrayed the internet, and us. This is not the internet … Continue reading

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Haul it on over

So, I think it's time for an overhaul here.   I created this site in something like 2006 or '7, mostly to provide a place for the polyphasic information I was amassing, but because I'm a compulsive writer anyway, I … Continue reading

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Scream, clap, laugh, win: Humor makes a great molotov cocktail

Luke McKinney's new article — a follow-up to his infamous piece on "straight white male" being sexuality's lowest difficulty setting (you may remember John Scalzi's still-famous article expanding that idea) — on 5 Gamer Comments That Give Straight White Guys a Bad … Continue reading

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Give Me A DRM-Free World

Lulu Blog » Living in a DRM-Free World. Count me among the authors who feel that DRM did nothing to benefit us, and who're frankly relieved that it's on the way out. Has the book been torrented?  Yup.  Does this … Continue reading

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