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Holy cow I suck at videos

But I did another one anyway!  Thank you to the people who requested that I get back on the ball with these; they're really helpful for me.

Though to be perfectly honest, I really have no idea what they're for.  They're where I'm dumping a certain kind of informational…synthesis…I'm slowly growing out of my internal travels.  

That's what it is.  An interskull travelblog.

Recorded by someone who has no clue about video.

Aren't you guys lucky!  :D

(P.S.  The video ends abruptly because I have to shut off the fan that keeps my computer cool to keep the sound from being all sssSSSSSSsssHHHHhhhhHHhhs, and sometimes the computer then overheats and kills the video.  This time it happened when I was like one sentence from the end, so I left it.  Sorry!)

NYE #10 != DNE :)

Hey everyone — Going ahead and actually posting this one, because though I'm still weird about my face on-screen, I am really happy with the content of Derridian Work-In-Progress Video Series #10.

Enjoy, and thanks for indulging me in these!  They're being super helpful as motivation to both keep working on something that nearly intimidates me into giving up almost daily, and to put my thoughts in order even when they're tricky.  <3

Sick of 4.5!

**EDIT**  YouTube has pulled Vlog #11 because it was over the length-limit.  So I have to have my husband re-edit it into two videos…hopefully this will be done by tonight.  Sorry about the delay!  -pd

**EDITx2** New vlogs posted — links below fixed.  Sorry about the wait!  -pd


Hrm, ok, I think I'm officially sick of sleeping 4.5 hours a night.  It's been what, a week?  I don't like to do it longer than 2-3 days usually.  It loosens up the naps (just like Everyman itself does; longer cores = looser naps), but the "looseness" they're at with a 4.5 hour core is looser than I like.  I start to have trouble sleeping reliably…I've missed one of my naps (as in, I took it but just laid there and couldn't sleep) every day for the last three.  If I was just getting my 3-hour core, I'd sleep much better for the naps, so I'd have more time and feel more rested.

On the other hand, there are still ridiculous amounts of winter virus running around out there, and it seems like I know more sick people than not-sick people.  I can tell I'm fighting it off (I have a canker sore on my tongue, and I wake up with a stuffed nose — and sneeze once, and then I'm fine; it's pretty funny actually) — and I really don't want to catch it.  Plus I have to walk around outside — I walked home in the rain, yesterday — so I know I'm stressing my immune-system anyway. 

Work, holidays, kungfu; all these things demand that I not be sick.  And that extra hour and a half of sleep (plus vitamins, plus extra warm clothes) is a reliable way of keeping the sick off; I know this.

But I'm sick of it, now.

Ah, conundra.

Well, while I figure that out (not sure what I'll do yet, if you can't tell), here's Vlog #11 Part One, and Vlog #11 Part Two.  Yeah, this one's a bit lengthy — not as bad as Vlog #4, but not exactly brief either.  But I had good material this time:  I effed a nap up royally, and while I was not-sleeping I came up with a good list of all sorts of things one can (!= should) eff up a nap.  So this is a How Not To Do It Vlog. 

Funny side-note:  in the Vlog itself, I identify it as Vlog #12 (e'en while acknowledging that I'm not sure about that).  If it were a coin, this might make it a collector's item.  ;)

Oh for…

I have no excuses, unless you count general madness and stressitude.  ;)

Vlog 8

Vlog 9

Vlog 10

Things continue to go pretty well, though.  The weekend was a little rough — somehow I forgot how those are harder, especially at first — and the holiday will almost *certainly* screw me up.  Doesn't matter, though; I'll go right back to it if it does.  The upsides remain significant!

Why you can’t always take my advice: Vlog 7

OK, so if you were looking to laugh at me for being bleary and yawny and half-asleep on my feet, Vlog 7 is for you!

…Which is ironic, of course, as my level of tiredness has been decreasing for several days (that was recorded late at night on Day 8; this — Wednesday 11/17 — is the morning of Day 10); but I just couldn't get around to the vlog and I had already missed a day, so I did it right before bed, when I was quite zonked. 

So, perhaps more entertaining than educational, this one.  ;)

Yesterday (day 9) something significant also happened:  I took a deliberate 4.5-hour core sleep last night.  Here's why:
  I'd been feeling iffy all day, not in the sleep sense (got all my naps again, felt great after each — though my afternoon nap was a bit late and truncated by a few minutes), but in the I-might-be-coming-down-with-something sense.  It's getting cold out, and I walked about two miles to work, then two miles home, plus I've been exposed to some sick people recently, and I could feel a slight headache and slight throat irritation all day.

Then I got home, and decided I wanted to go out, which was fun but it meant another 3 mile walk, and it was colder out, and I definitely got a bit of a chill that time.  Now, all day I'd been yawning on and off — way more than normal — but by 10pm I was really yawning and really feeling worn-out, like, in the bones. 

Some of you may remember, from the almost four years I was on Everyman 3 before, that when I get overworked or I don't feel well, I'll sleep 4.5 hours at night.  Last night I decided it was time to do that again.  I struggled with the decision, since I'm still in the adaptation phase and I didn't want to make any changes to the schedule yet, but in the end, the fact that I know my body, I know that taking that extra 1.5 is good for me sometimes, and I knew with clarity that I needed it yesterday, changed my mind.  If there's a negative impact on my adaptation, I'd rather that than risk getting sick.  I want to stress that for me, this was a good decision because I know for a fact that it works, and I can be pretty confident that it won't ruin my schedule to do something I've been doing for years anyway.  This was definitely a shortcut (or longcut, I guess) that I took as a cheat due to my prior experience.  (When I adapted the first time to Everyman 3, there were no 4.5-hour sleeps for many weeks…in fact, I think I was like six months in before I figured out that that worked for me, in times of duress.)

Anyway, disclaimers aside, check it out: the Zeo shows a biiig chunk of REM sleep right at the beginning of my sleep last night, which probably signifies a restorative that my body needed; and I woke up at 4am today feeling much, much better….one of my tonsils is slightly swollen, so I'll dress extra warm today (it's raining, and I'm walking again) and hit the vitamins hard, but other than that I feel much improved.   

One thing that I do want to improve, though, is the regularity of the length of my short naps…this sleep track I have is too long, and I don't seem to wake up reliably at the same time using it combined with a timer.  Sometimes this has meant sleeping for 25 minutes; sometimes 18…and I can tell the quality of my nap is being impacted by that sometimes.  I need a 23-minute sleep track that ends with roosters like my last one!  ;)

More soon; thanks for watching; happy Wednesday ya'll!

No Vlog #7 tonight

Hey all — Sorry about the lack of a vlog today, but I just sat down to do it and had it fail twice (once for technical reasons, once for cat); and I'm just not in the mood to keep messing with it.  Anyway, I didn't have that much to say…today was a rousing success, which just isn't as interesting as failure I suppose.  ;) 

This is one full week now.  I'm sleeping easily for all my naps and waking up refreshed almost every time.  Still having some tiredness at the edges of my schedule — the later nights and/or the four am-s — but that's normal; it will take a few more weeks to iron that out.  In the meantime, since it takes a month to ingrain a habit into the human mind, I'm going to stay as firmly on-schedule as I can for the whole month, and probably keep up the vlogs (though maybe not daily) through that period, too.  So many adaptation-descriptions stop before they reach the point of showing what success looks like; I want to make sure this one follows through.  (Plus, there'll be travel and some other challenges this month, so that'll give me a good opportunity to babble about those, too.)  And I want to talk more about the Zeo and what it does, and share my data with you all, if I can figure out how to get it.  ;)

Last week was a hard one; I virtually collapsed at the end of Friday.  But in compensation, this weekend was 40 waking-hours long, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, and got some real relaxation in too — something I know I wouldn't have had time for normally.  I'm tired now; it's almost midnight and I just got out of a wake-me-up-and-warm-me-up shower; but I'll be fine until bedtime.

See you tomorrow!

Vloggin’ 4

So, I went a little crazy with the vlog last night.  Or perhaps I hamstrung myself.  See, I thought I might be too loopy to just talk freeform for a minute, so I wrote myself a little outline … and then yammered on for half a freaking hour.


And if you think this one is stupid (you may, you may not — I actually haven't watched it myself, yet), I suggest you wait with baited breath for tonight's (which I will actually try to post tonight), because if I was loopy yesterday, today I'm in orbit around a rollercoaster.  ;) 

Anyway, I will refrain from using an outline tonight, lest I not stop talking until tomorrow.**

Vlog 4 Part 1

Vlog 4 Part 2

Vlog 4 Part 3


**Actually, I got sucked into work tonight until after midnight, so I won't be doing a vloggery tonight.  I'll tell you all about how exquisitely sucktastic parts of today were tomorrow***, though!

***I did mention I've been rewatching a lot of Dr. Who, didn't I?  ;)