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Sometimes all you can do is draw a line around the blank space

When I hit a block and find myself staring at a million things to do or think or figure out, sometimes it helps to just try and encapsulate the things I can't do in some meaningful category.  Then, if they sit there … Continue reading

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Sleeping Over

Being polyphasic has made me a pain in the arse of a person to have sleep over. I will try to put my alarm where I can get to it quickly but sorry it's going to go off when you're … Continue reading

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Better faster better more ::clickclickclickclick::

I type fast…but I type a LOT, and anymore I feel like my typing is too slow; especially that having to use both a keyboard and a mouse, and typing in longhand, is costing me too much time. Does anybody … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Fruit Politic

Hey all!  A friend of mine wrote this for me, and I thought it was all the best kinds of educational and beautiful, and so I asked him if I could share it with you all.  Thank you, Aatish! THE … Continue reading

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Enter Title Here

World, I'm working my butt off at a tough new job, and recovering from an intense visit from family.  I'm halfway through upgrading this site, editing my novella*, and yet another hilariously intense depression.  My apologies for going radio silent … Continue reading

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Not entirely about Cannonfist

So, I've been kind of loose and flapping about what to do with blog-type postings of stuff lately.  I've lost my organizational thread, I think; there's both too much to put AND too many places to put it.  I have … Continue reading

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Book update!

Hey everyone! I'm SO SORRY for how the publication of the Second Edition of Ubersleep got slowed down at the very end…isn't it always true that it's the last 2% that gets you? So, here's an update: The print edition is … Continue reading

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