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No seriously, do not judge yourself (Editorial license and then some)

A few days ago I wrote this post, wherein I tried my hand at restating the classic Buddhist prescriptions for "right speech".   The shit I do with my free time.  :D One thing I was consciously doing was updating the … Continue reading

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Sometimes all you can do is draw a line around the blank space

When I hit a block and find myself staring at a million things to do or think or figure out, sometimes it helps to just try and encapsulate the things I can't do in some meaningful category.  Then, if they sit there … Continue reading

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Sleeping Over

Being polyphasic has made me a pain in the arse of a person to have sleep over. I will try to put my alarm where I can get to it quickly but sorry it's going to go off when you're … Continue reading

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Better faster better more ::clickclickclickclick::

I type fast…but I type a LOT, and anymore I feel like my typing is too slow; especially that having to use both a keyboard and a mouse, and typing in longhand, is costing me too much time. Does anybody … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Fruit Politic

Hey all!  A friend of mine wrote this for me, and I thought it was all the best kinds of educational and beautiful, and so I asked him if I could share it with you all.  Thank you, Aatish! THE … Continue reading

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Enter Title Here

World, I'm working my butt off at a tough new job, and recovering from an intense visit from family.  I'm halfway through upgrading this site, editing my novella*, and yet another hilariously intense depression.  My apologies for going radio silent … Continue reading

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Not entirely about Cannonfist

So, I've been kind of loose and flapping about what to do with blog-type postings of stuff lately.  I've lost my organizational thread, I think; there's both too much to put AND too many places to put it.  I have … Continue reading

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