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Mean Sleep II & Creepy Post-Its

Okay, so sleep was extra mean to me yesterday.  In the morning, I napped, but faded in and out a few times (and as many people will tell you, a broken nap is nowhere near as good as a whole … Continue reading

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Synthesis (and Time Travel Advice)

…Synthesis is a weird thing; in my brain, it's either working or it isn't.  And I'm realizing that writing fiction is the thing that makes it work, that greases those cogs and applies the force to move that particular machine.  … Continue reading

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The World is Stingy & Today You Get a Poem.

For every farmer, There is such a thing as One Tornado Too Many. My grandmother prayed To the famous Nine Nails, Spent the last family dollar On a candle, for hope. She prayed for rain, Probably harder than most of … Continue reading

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Ode to the Ideal OS

Welcome to your weekly Creativity Booster-Shot (abbrev. “C? BS!”), denizens.  There is more Fangboner, but it’s not quite as polished as I’d like, so in a few days perhaps. In the meantime, I’ve had this idea for a computer interface … Continue reading

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