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Eating Me

Here’s a strange little essay I wrote on Eating, trying to resolve the question of how to steal the Life from other beings for our own sustenance in a moral and non-icky way.  It’s a bit…visceral, and off-the-cuff so it … Continue reading

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Happy Death Day

On this day, which I like to think of as “Memento-morial Day”, we remember the dead. Especially we remember those who have died for reasons none of us are ever really comfortable with:  because we sent them off to kill … Continue reading

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A bit of a What If…about time.

I spent all weekend actually writing, so I consider that a pretty good reason to have skipped the “creativity post” part of the weekend. But here’s a What-If for you anyway: What if, as people develop, they become “perfect” for … Continue reading

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Ode to the Ideal OS

Welcome to your weekly Creativity Booster-Shot (abbrev. “C? BS!”), denizens.  There is more Fangboner, but it’s not quite as polished as I’d like, so in a few days perhaps. In the meantime, I’ve had this idea for a computer interface … Continue reading

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What if…Faces?

What if the defining act of godhood was the making of faces? There has to be a point at which a thing becomes a sentient thing; what if having a face is it? We talk about “playing god” in this … Continue reading

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I am The Rancor!

Aw, I got called “adorable”.  See, that’s the nice thing about the Internet — one stray blog post can net the kind of compliment you’d never get in real life, where I usually get the kind of compliments that are … Continue reading

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