Get More Polyphasic Help

Expert Assistance:  You can now hire me for personal help with your schedule or adaptation (…or really anything else.  I mean, why not, right?)

After years of offering my help for free as often as I could manage (which I still do!), I'm finally going to take the leap and put a fair price on these services.  Now I can offer my pretty-darn-experienced help to as many people as I can handle.  Yay?  ;)

I've done everything I can to make getting my advice simple, affordable and suuuuuper flexible.  There are two main options — click the links to read about them in detail:

1.  You can quickly hire me for a one-time Consultation, really on any topic you like.  (Sure, it doesn't have to be about sleep…it's your money.  Flirting costs extra though. :)


2.  If you're looking for even more help with transitioning to a polyphasic schedule, we can talk about a more involved adaptation Coaching.



I want to take this spot to thank everyone in the Polyphasic community who urged me to find a way to offer more help — I do love hacking sleep, being able to help others feel rested and awesome, and meeting so many amazing people! — and for all of their suggestions, opinions, questions and support.  This is a really wonderful cross-section of humanity I've stumbled upon, and I'm SO proud to know you all.  <3