Adaptation Coaching


I'm well aware that consultations are not going to be enough for some people.  Polyphasic sleep, and other "custom" scheduling, is attractive to people with intense lives and superlative goals!  

So, are you serious about succeeding at your adaptation?  Do you need to give it your 100%, do everything right the first time as much as possible, and have some money to throw at making that happen?  For the motivated and/or under-the-gun sleeper who wants the best possible chance of a successful adaptation, having personal coaching through the process can be a lifesaver.  Here's what my coaching program involves:

*  Help with planning:  Materials, homework, and conversations to help you get ready; help identifying and planning to meet your particular challenges; help developing a detailed schedule; and help setting up everything from alarms to wake-up calls to software to help you stay on schedule during the critical first months. 

*  Real-time help during your first week:  Wake-up calls (a reasonable amount, please :)) daily consultations and check-ins — a whole week of support and help (and, if history holds, of fascinating and fun conversations!).  I can't guarantee you'll succeed, obviously — and you should definitely have thoroughly considered whether a polyphasic sleep-schedule is a good fit for you before you move forward with purchasing coaching — but I'm a darn smart and experienced option available to give you your best possible chance, if you want it.

This can also include help setting up and using data-gathering mechanisms, for those who are interested in self-quantifying or getting detailed information on the process.

*  Post-mortem and follow-up assistance:   Making longer-term plans once the tricky first week is over is important:  There's still finalizing your adaptation / new sleep habits, planning for possible tweaks that might need to happen, and assessing what went right and wrong with your adaptation (plus organizing any data we gathered) so that you have an even better chance of success if or when you need to change sleep-schedules again.  I've found doing some kind of post-mortem assessment of my schedule changes to be super helpful for really "sticking the landing" and getting the most out of any new schedule.

The pricing for the coaching package is determined INDIVIDUALLY.  For the full list of services above, which involves several hours of my time per day for about ten days, the cost is $2500 USD — but maybe you don't want *all* of those things, or maybe you want more.  Everyone's situation is different, and I base the price I need on the time involved in giving you the help you want.  So let's figure out exactly what those should be together.  If you're interested in hiring me for Polyphasic Coaching, please email me your details at puredoxyk – at – gmail.   (Serious inquiries only, obviously.  Having too much email to answer is what started all this!  :) )