Quick Consultations

Option 1:  The Quick Consultation

Talk with me for 30 minutes about anything! 

*  Get your questions answered
*  Get help with choosing and developing a schedule
*  Get my most recent and personalized tips for getting through adaptation, making your polyphasic lifestyle work in the real world, or just about anything else
*  Your consultation is guaranteed to happen within 72 hours (3 days) of your purchase — I know the questions of sleep-experimenters are often time-sensitive.
*  And best of all, you can choose almost ANY method of consultation that works for you:  Text chat, phone call, video chat…I can accomodate!

The cost is $50, and that includes some time of mine beforehand to study up on your situation, if you like — so if you're already halfway through your planning, or have special circumstances that you don't want to take up the whole conversation describing, you can (optionally) send me an email beforehand and lay it all out, and I'll come to our talk ready to dive in.

There are THREE OPTIONS for the consults — read below and click on the one that works for you!

STANDARD CONSULTATION ($50, 72h, any format):

Enter your email to schedule!


SPEEDY-FAST CONSULTATION ($75, within 36h, any format):

Need help really really fast?  For an extra $25, you can get a consultation scheduled sometime in the next 36 hours.  

Email to contact you at asap:


TEXT CHAT CONSULTATION (Discounts for text chatting!)

Prefer text-chatting?  So do I!  If you want your consult to be only over text — Skype, Hangouts, SMS, you pick, as long as all I have to do is type — then you get to take 10% off, because that happens to be the easiest method for me, too.  ::fistbump::

Consultation – Text Only – $45 (click this link to purchase at the discounted price)

And here's the option for if you want a high-priority (within 36 hours) consultation over text-chat only:  Consultation – FAST – Text Only – $67.50 (click to purchase at the discounted price)