Nap-Based Sleep Schedules and the Polyphasic Lifestyle


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Ubersleep 2nd Edition Cover


Now in its Second Edition! 


The new edition contains almost 100 pages of new content, a fresh (and gorgeous) redesign inside and out, and a real e-reader-compatible electronic format (as opposed to a PDF, which was totally cutting-edge electronic format back in 2008, ::cough::)  Experimentation and research compiled in the years since the First Edition has led to new sections on physical effects, compatibility of polyphasic sleep with jobs and athletic lifestyles, and more!


More Information:

There are approximately a million posts on my website about polyphasic sleep!  You can see more basic information on the schedules, my experience with them, and a somewhat-sorted list of all the other stuff on the POLYPHASIC SLEEP INFORMATION PORTAL.


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