Polyphasic Sleep and Better Thinking
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UberSleepStudy 2013

Welcome to the landing page for the 2013 Ubersleep sleep-study, or as it's much more fun to write, UberSleepStudy (or USS when I'm feeling speedy).  This page has its own URL (ubersleepstudy.com), so if you landed here via that, know that you're on a sub-page of a larger website that contains a lot of information about polyphasic sleep and some other, um, possibly surprising things.  Click around and enjoy, if you've time.

Latest Updates

Oct 24, 2012 – Drafting this page now that a URL, a flyer and an application (and even some applicants!) exist.  The plan (first outlined in preliminary posts) is to run the study sometime in October 2013, and to start opening up the application process for real before the end of October 2012 (which yeah, I'm cutting that close; shush).  

My printer needs to stop being broken so that I can print the flyers.  Oh, and the hurricane needs to go away — rather glad I didn't post them last week!

November 1 – Printer works & hurricane is gone.  Few excuses remain.  ;)

General Information

Why a sleep study?

(No, "why not" is not the only answer.  For one thing, this is a metric ton of work, and I wasn't exactly bored to begin with!)

I got the idea a few months ago – or rather, about then I got fed up with wondering if anybody else was ever going to do one.  See, though I've been sleeping polyphasically on and off since the year 2000, and plenty of other people have tried it and written about it since then, there's remained very little scientific interest.  Dr. Stampi did the one excellent long-term study years ago proving that, at least for one subject, adaptation to Uberman is possible; but collective data gathered with any statistical relevance and attention to future usability has simply not existed since then.

Which is, let's face it, just not okay.

So what the heck do you think you're doing here?

I figure that I'll run a small group adaptation in my house (so, critical success factor #1: I still have a sizable apartment to myself to do this with) and document the crap out of every bit of it I can.  On the advice of many others, I'll also open up online participation (keeping the data separate, but attempting to gather all the same data) so that people who are interested but either not available, or too many, to fit in my house can play along.  I'm aiming for a three-week experiment at least, though four or more would be even better.

How are you picking people?

The application period is officially open, so anyone who wants to participate either in person or online can fill out the application here (Google doc) or download the text file here.  Re-share your filled-in Google doc or email me your filled-in text to apply.

The criteria for the real-life participation people will be pretty strict, though not uniform — I'll be looking for a good team and a good dataset.  The application questions give some idea of the things I'm trying to weigh for.

Criteria for online participation will be less strict, but still present, since we don't want to clutter up the study with a bunch of people who'll likely just drop out anyway.  However, everyone who's interested is encouraged to apply, since the applications themselves may wind up providing valuable data someday.


I'll continue to update this page as things churn on, but for now there's nothing to do but wait on more applications and twiddle my hair while I ponder datasets and plans and things.  Suggestions are and will remain welcome!